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Taylor's Story Featured

Meet Farmer Taylor:
Taylor, right along with The Farmer’s House, has grown and blossomed through participation in our programs for youth and adults with developmental disabilities. Taylor was one of our first program participants when she began attending the Flour Sack Baking Program at our Farm location in 2013.  

When Taylor began attending our evening Flour Sack Baking classes she was very reserved; held her head down, slumped over and would not talk much with anyone.  The only verbal interactions observed were between Taylor and her mother during drop-off and pick-up.  After two classes, Taylor began interacting with peers and staff.  As time went on Taylor began coming twice a week with support staff to volunteer in our markets, assist with catering events and joined our evening art program.  Currently, Taylor attends our ROOTs Community Integration and Job Preparation program three days a week and is an employed as a Market Associate on the weekends at our Weston market locations.  We have witnessed growth in Taylor’s confidence, self-determination, engagement in healthy choices and socialization.   

A mother’s words tells the story best:
“When you ask me what impact The Farmer’s House has had on Taylor, the word I use is PURPOSE!  It has given her something to look forward to each day.  Something of her very own; friends, goals in life, self confidence, self discipline, a job, people to confide in outside of her family, but most important a PURPOSE….that she is meant to do bigger things in life, touch others hearts not just ours!” --Shelly Wolfe, Taylor’s Mother.

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