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Interested in lowering your Missouri Income Tax Liability?  If you have business income in Missouri, you may receive a reduction in your Missouri state taxes equal to 70% of your donation to The Farmer’s House through the Missouri Neighborhood Assistance Program.

All NAP contributions directly benefit The Farmer’s House Early Work Experience Program, preparing youth with developmental disabilities for post high school employment through vocational training in the areas of retail operations, food service and basic horticulture. Learn more about our Early Work Experience Program and the impact your gift will make here.


  1. Who is eligible to receive the NAP tax credits?

The Missouri Neighborhood Assistance Act makes this credit available to any person, firm or corporation in business in the State of Missouri. Besides corporations, this includes financial institutions, insurance companies, express companies, partnerships and their individual partners, small business corporations (S-corporations) and their individual shareholders, limited liability companies and their individual members, and individuals who either own and operate their own business, own and operate a farm in Missouri, or receive income from royalties or rental property in Missouri.

Donors interested in receiving 70% NAP tax credits as part of their donation to The Farmer’s House are encouraged to work with their accountant to determine eligibility and potential benefits of the NAP tax credits.


  1. What type of contributions can be used for NAP Tax Credits and what is the time frame?

The Farmer’s House NAP Tax credits are available now through December 31, 2022. Tax credits are available on a first come, first serve basis. Gifts of cash or stock are accepted.  All NAP Contributions benefit The Farmer’s House Early Work Experience Program.


  1. When may the credits be claimed?

The credit may first be claimed on taxes due for the year the contribution was made and extends for five additional tax years. The tax credit is only to be claimed on taxes due for that period, and any credit not claimed in that timeframe will automatically be forfeited. The credit may not be used to offset taxes due for periods prior to the year of contribution.


  1. May credits be transferred or sold?

No, NAP tax credits are not transferable or sellable.


  1. How are credits distributed?

Through this program, eligible donors to The Farmer’s House can receive 70% of their gift back in the form of a Missouri tax credit.  Upon receipt of the required NAP application and related documentation, The Farmer’s House will submit the documents to the Missouri Department of Economic Development  (DED) for processing. Once approved, the Missouri DED will issue a NAP Tax Credit Certificate and mail it directly to the donor. The process takes approximately eight weeks.


  1. How do I find out more information?

​Donors may email or call Dana Chatlin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 913-706-5803) You can also find out more information on the Missouri Department of Economic Development's (DED) website.  

Eligible Contributions

NAP Application for Claiming Tax Credits 


  1. When must the tax credit application be submitted?

Current NAP rules require the tax credit application be submitted to DED within one year of the date or the right to the credit is forfeited. The Farmer’s House will assist the submission of the NAP application and forms provided by the Donor.  Required documentation includes:

NAP Application – Signed and Notarized

Check Copy - Front & Back of Cleared Check

Bank Statement – Copy of Bank Statement Showing Check has Cleared. Must include Name and Account Number. All other information and balances can be blacked out.

For Documentation required for Stock donations, please contact Dana Chatlin, Director of Development at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 913-706-5803.



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