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Work with a Job Preparation Specialist

Sign up to enhance your vocational skills! Farmers can sign up with a Farmer’s House Job Preparation Specialist for two hour sessions focused on learning job skills in the market, gardens and the Farm to Fork Kitchen on a weekly, monthly or occasional basis for worksite experience.  

Job Preparation Specialist time slots fluctuate due to special events and school partnerships.  Slots are usually offered Tuesday-Saturday in two hour increments from 9:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.  The cost is $15.00 for a two hour slot.  

Click here to view available time slots and to sign up.  Please check back often since slots will be added intermittently!!!  Contact Kelly Cogan for more information.

The Farmers House Seeds of Change Program

Farmer’s House Market

The original Farmer’s House Market is located in the historic Vaughn’s Orchard space in Weston, Missouri. The second location is at 415 Main Street in downtown Weston.  The Market provides a community-integrated, hands on work environment where participants learn valuable vocational skills by experiencing all aspects of running a small business, including customer service, operating a cash register, stocking and pricing merchandise, cleaning, maintenance and much more.

The Farmers House Farm to Fork Kitchen

Seeds of Change

The Seeds of Change Garden teaches individuals with developmental disabilities the vocational aspects of planning, planting, growing, distributing and selling their garden vegetables in addition to the benefits of eating healthy food choices.

However, even more important than learning practical work skills, The Farmer’s House programs provide the chance to cultivate self-esteem, grow a sense of self worth, and harvest the confidence and passion that come from a job well done.

Farm to Fork Kitchen

The Farmer’s House Farm to Fork Kitchen has a variety of responsibilities and opportunities for our Farmers to learn valuable vocational skills. Farmers are involved in every step of creating and serving delicious catered meals and  baking homemade breads and sweet treats to sell in our market.  Creating new products to sell is forever evolving and our Farmers have had the best ideas!


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