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"There's my Farmer's House lady! Miss Kelly, thank you for the experience. I learned to work."

-A quote from Isaiah Boydston, a Farmer’s House Early Work Experience participant, upon seeing the Farmer’s House Program Director while working at his new job at Price Chopper.

“Isaiah has always enjoyed his time at the Farmer's House! He loves working at Price Chopper and loves seeing people he knows! The Farmer's House helped him prepare for the work he does today!”

-Isaiah’s Dad, Steve Boydston
Posted By: Isaiah Boydston
I love tying pies with James, Anna and Miss Kindra. During baking class I love stirring brownies and eating them.
Posted By: Kelli Hudgens
My employees that have been diagnosed with a “developmental disability” or “special need” are very special to me, my staff, and most importantly to my customers. What special need? What disability? Each and every employee with developmental disabilities comes to work prepared to start their day with the most positive attitude and the brightest smile. They always arrive in proper uniforms, always on time and are always eager to learn. Once these employees are trained to perform tasks within their abilities, they thrive on doing the job right. We are truly blessed to be around them and their infectious and loveable personalities. Their appreciation for life along with their mutual respect for each other is absolutely the most refreshing trait I have seen in some time. Their interaction with the customers is always a delight to see and often ends with a hug or even a dance move.
Posted By: Cy Bresette
Owner, Bresette’s Price Chopper
The Farmer’s House has given my daughter, Amanda, so many opportunities. Not only has she been learning valuable employment skills through the job coaching program, but she is forming meaningful relationships with the staff and fellow “farmers.” It is a wonderful feeling knowing that she is in the care of people who are truly passionate about making a change in the lives of those with disabilities. We feel blessed to have found “The Farmer’s House!
Posted By: Cathy Plachecki
My daughter Taylor Wolfe loves the Farmer's House! Can't thank them enough for giving her something to get excited about and making her feel like she is an important part of an awesome team of individuals changing the future for adults with developmental disabilities!
Posted By: Shelly Wolfe
The Farmer's House is a place where our Farmer's feel welcome, comfortable to be themselves, learn, make a mistake (and know it's truly okay), and to know that they are loved within their hometown community. The individuals who have made this happen, are true Angels on Earth.
Posted By: Janell DaVille
Park Hill Special Education Teacher


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